A chance to have someone remembered at the club.

Dear Members,

As you will know by now, the club is having new tee signs installed on the Ferntower Course this Season.
The large tee signs are being sponsored by companies who are connected to the club in some way. In return they get a golf package lasting three years.
As well as these large tee signs on each hole there will be single post marking the yardages for each hole for RED, YELLOW and WHITE Tees.  The Plaques will be 120mm high and 100mm wide.
These single posts give us the opportunity to have personalised plaques added to each.
Where members might have remembered former members by way of plaques on benches in the past, we would like to offer members the chance to either remember someone with well-chosen words or celebrate something with a message attached to a yardage post.
For instance the club is having a plaque made remembering George Gillespie, which will go on the yellow tee at the 17th hole. The current Captain is planning a plaque in memory of his father. He is also contemplating one at the 14th to mark his famous hole in one.......on the 11th green.

If any members would like more details, they should contact me and we will make plans. The plaques will cost £50 and should be on the posts for many years to come. Some members I know are clubbing together to remember a dear friend in this way.

Please get in touch: 01764 652397 or

Iain Simpson Managing Secretary